The experience

A new way to discover the city

Look at Porto is a 5D Cinema that will show you Porto under a unique perspective.
With dynamic motion seats and sensations like water spray, wind and aromas, you will know the city and the region in an exciting, fun and unforgettable 10 minutes film, that will show Porto as no one as ever seen.

Once you leave the cinema, you can go and know the places, the people and the traditions you enjoyed the most in the film, taste a glass of Porto Wine in one of the centuries-old wine cellars, enjoy some portuguese typical food in some famous restaurants or get in the magic world of one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

An experience that doesn’t end in the movie theater

Look at Porto design store

Look at Porto has a store plenty of own-brand products. Clothing and accessories, notebooks, products for home and beach, and many other unique, exclusive and high quality items, perfect for yourself or to offer to your family and friends. A wide offer, you will always remember this trip only.


We promise you an unforgettable experience!